Research Is The Best Hope For Eradicating The Zika Virus


According to a report published on R7 Noticias, Dr. Sergio Cortes said the Aedes mosquito can spread the Zika and chikungunya viruses. When it bites an infected individual, it transmits the disease to another individual when it bites them. People should be concerned that they may have the viruses if they see red spots on their skin, eye irritation, body pain and muscle aches.

As more individuals become infected with the Zika and chikungunya viruses, it is critical to understand the difference between each disease. The main symptoms is a pain in the eyes. Bruno Del Guerra, a nurse with the Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga in São Paulo, indicates the Zika virus is associated with vision pain while the Chikungunya virus is associated with extreme pain in the joints.

Microcephaly is a rare birth defect that happens when the brain is undeveloped in the women’s uterus during her pregnancy. Pregnant women infected with the Zika disease are likely to give birth to infants with defects. While information continues to be evaluated, it is becoming more clear of the impact the disease has on pregnant women. Doctors are investigating the possibility of an individual being infected with both viruses at the same time.

There is no vaccine or specific therapy for the Zika virus. According to Sergio Cortes, testing and research continue to fight the viruses. The best approach to combating the viruses is an intravenous therapy or oral medication offered at local medical. Facilities. Infected individuals should rest for at least five days to regain their strength. Ongoing research at the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has attempted to find an antidote against the viruses. The research, in an advanced state, is expected to be manufactured in mass quantities for further testing. It is hoped the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approves the medication to start the last phase of testing.

The 17,000 participants in the research study will be observed and reactions noted. Cortes contends the vaccine has an 80% success rate against curing the virus. There is much anticipation for the final test phase, which has no official start date. Researchers say prevention is the best plan for the outbreak of the viruses.

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