There’s A Reason People Are Excited About The New Lovaganza Announcement

2015 saw a year of expectation and disappointment. Lovaganza was supposed to deploy that year, and many people were all amped up for a technological cinematic experience unlike anything they had ever seen before. But before Lovaganza’s release, the developers of the new cinematic technology realized that modern innovations had brought better methods of three dimensional film presentation to the table. IMMERSCOPE, the latest iteration of Lovaganza’s technology, now offers a three dimensional experience which doesn’t require glasses. A proscenium stage mixed with the most exceptionally fine special effects and camera techniques is what to imagine. With IMMERSCOPE, a one hundred and eighty degree screen brings audiences into the experience of the film like never before. And according to, that experience will be available worldwide in 2020.

Lovaganza has pushed back its release date, but it has also vamped up its marketing plans. Now there will be a convoy that wraps the globe. This convoy will show the IMMERSCOPE technology to the world, giving them a taste of the possibilities. Films used to showcase this tech will be shot specifically for Lovaganza. In fact, the first three of nine have already begun principal photography. The three films will be released sequentially in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Lovaganza will come in 2020, and the films will be shown at the main event’s IMMERSCOPE theatre as well. But there will be so much more than movie magic at the main event.

First of all, Lovaganza will take place in eight locations across the globe simultaneously. Secondly, each “main event” will last a staggering four months. During that time there will be a variety of live performances, exhibitions, displays, and interactive events. For reference, imagine the World’s Fairs of long ago combined with the cutting edge technological chic of modernity.

Themes of Lovaganza films and events on Tumblr involve a kind of Bohemian celebration of culture. Music, dance, life, love–the things that bring people together will be explored in a celebratory way throughout the Lovaganza convoy and the main event itself.

The scope of this project is staggering when it is considered in full. From the top-tier films to the worldwide unveiling and the world-wrapping convoy, assets required will be substantial. Backing for this project must necessarily be huge, and it will really be an interesting thing to see what backing of that magnitude can produce given enough time and energy.