Helane Morrison Wall Street Watchdog

When wall street crashed in 2009 almost every American came to understand and realize that the bankers and alleged financial experts that had monitored and controlled the nation’s wealth were about as far removed from reality as you could get. It became apparent that day that we had all been had by these supposed financial experts. It was also the year that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. With the campaign slogans of “Change We Can Believe In” and “Yes We Can” he was swept into office at a time when the people of America really needed a strong leader that had the ability and the power to pull the United States back from the brink of all but total economic collapse. While it could be argued that the political solutions he put into place to repair the problems we faced were not entirely effective it can nevertheless not be said that they didn’t work. They did stop the country’s collapse. However, even nine years after the fact, a majority of Americans still have little or no faith in Wall Street or they few mega banks that are still in business. The general feeling is that they are all as crooked as a dogs hind leg. And this pervasive feeling in 2008 is what greeted Helane Morrison as her journalism classes started in New York City. When she was younger one of the things that motivated her was a sense honesty and fair play. This was, of course, nothing like what the Wall street crowd displayed when the crash came and it may have been this that pushed her after she graduated from journalism school to travel to California to attend the University of Berkeley School of Law to get her Juris Doctor of law degree there. After graduating and passing the bar she gained further experience working with Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun a champion of not only women’s rights but of abortion laws and sexual behavior. Her experience with Justice Blackmun had a resounding impact on Morrison’s future tenacity and sense of fair play that would frame her entire career. 

In addition to a stellar legal career that has surpassed her wildest expectations, Ms. Morrison has also gained experience fighting financial, bank, and stock fraud by policing the Securities and Exchange Commission‘s San Francisco Office. While there she headed several major fraud cases including those involving the top executives of Google, Hewlett-Packard, and NextCard Inc. She also exposed the deceptive sales of securities to military personnel by the insurance company American Amicable (WSJ reports). She has also been involved in protecting seniors against securities fraud and market manipulation. Where ever there has been a financial scandal and unrest we have needed someone with the tenacity and principals of a watchdog to be there to help protect the unwary investor and in many cases that person has been Helane Morrison.

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