Securus’ JLG Technologies Releases New Software for Corrections

This week, I read about a new and innovative software that was released this year by Securus Technologies. Investigators can now select inmates as well as search for particular voices through this technology. This means that they can now get the inside scoop on any conversations when necessary to ensure the safety of other inmates as well as their visitors. Securus, the leader in communications for corrections facilities, but their product is also instrumental for public safety and monitoring in a corrections setting.


This searchable voice technology really helps me feel more confident about our corrections facilities and how they handle their inmates. As the technology continues to develop, it’s no surprise that searchable voice was being created. Oftentimes, conversations taking place inside corrections facilities were secret and they often revealed information that was vital for cases. The main goal was to remove all doubt, at least that’s how I see it.


The ability to search all voices on all calls that go in or out of a facility is refreshing. I feel more confident about the justice system, and how inmates are being researched and held accountable while in prison. This technology that they have named as Investigator Pro 4.0 could very well be the answer to solving crimes that are gang related, and that is great news.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Is Providing New Ways for Inmates to Communicate is a leading communications website that helps connect prison inmates with the people that care about them most. The service that Securus offers are state of the art and put an interesting spin on how people can be granted visitation rights, right from their home. The company has made a huge investment of $600,000,000 into funding the cloud based program that helps people stay in contact with one another in the event one party becomes incarcerated.
The website PR is a useful guide for people who aren’t sure how to best go about communicating with a friend or family member if they’re jailed for a long period on time. The concept of jail visitations has evolved and the site explains how visitations can now be done through the Securus application which is downloaded to smartphones and mobile devices. The device allows the party that is not incarcerated to schedule specific times that video conferencing with an inmate can be scheduled. The PR Newswire site also provides information on which jails and prison facilities throughout the United States are participating in the communication programs that Securus is offering. Through the program people are also able to send inmates emails and conference with inmates through phone call conversations.

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