Yeonmi Park’s Story Remains An Inspiration

The oppression seen in North Korea remains at extreme levels as the secretive Communist country continues its wave of disinformation against those who stand up to the leaders of this closed society. One of those who has faced the full force of the North Korean regime and survived to tell her story is defector Yeonmi Park, who now spends her time working to ensure the safety and freedom of those who wish to follow her journey from North Korea to democracy. In a recent article the facts of Park’s journey were once again detailed along with the attempts to discredit her the North Korean regime has undertaken.

Yeonmi Park’s story has been told in her own memoir, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” that has become an international bestseller. The amazing story of her departure from Pyongyang via the frozen river separating North Korea and China into the hands of human traffickers is one of the most harrowing ever told, but remains a vital memoir in the fight against the oppression still taking place within the Communist country. The need to aid the people of North Korea has continued for Yeonmi Park after arriving in South Korea, and has included this young woman taking the difficult step of telling her story to publicize the plight of other refugees.

The article in gives a brief overview of the journey Park and her family undertook, which included the death of her father from untreated cancer as they undertook the journey to freedom. Park and her mother faced episodes of harrowing sexual abuse at the hands of traffickers who were their only option in finding freedom; further problems the family faced included the belief Park’s sister had been killed during the journey, only for her to find her way to freedom long after the remainder of the family arrived in South Korea. There are many areas in which the life of Yeonmi Park has been affected by her experiences, but her fight to free her country people continues despite the best efforts of North Korean officials.