Refugees Bringing Confusion To World Populations

Refugees are becoming a huge issue in the European States. These individuals are hitting a panicked level which is causing confusion, frustration, and resentment with the refugee population being the main victim in the chaos. As these refugees are moved into various countries, those countries are not taking into consideration the needs of the people that they are accepting into their borders.
What this whole situation needs is a concrete plan as to how to not only deal with the refugee population but also the needs of the countries and peoples that take them in. One thing according to that must be considered is saturation points. This is how many refugees each country can take in before law and order dissappear and chaos ensues.

It would be far better, in George Soros opinion to keep these people closer to their point of origin. Having to relocate these individuals far from their home countries is what is stretching the European Union far beyond their capacity to cope with them. If the refugees were spread more evenly throughout Europe with a more balanced responsibility spread across many venues, the confusion could be dealt with better.

Soros of the Open Society Fondations is a refugee from Hungary. He and his family fled that region in the grips of Nazi occupation. They went to England where he was able to rise above his circumstances and get a valid education that took hinm to New York City and eventually brought him billions.

Soros believes that a global response is the best option. This would involve the UN and all of its members in order to find the best resolution to what appears to be an ongoing issue. It is not just the Syrian population either. There are many refugees from other ravaged areas that need attention and care as well.

A pinnacle part of the plan that Soros proposes is to ask where refugees want to go and make sure that the area wants to take them in. If both the receiving country and the refugee are desired one by the other, the transition will be an easier one that will cause less confusion.

Soros also believes that for the first two years of being in their new country the refugees should be provided with support from the UN. This support should be to the tune of approximately $16,800.00 per year. This would be for housing, food, clothing and other essential needs.

The European Union also needs to collaborate their efforts into one central agency. The present system has more than 28 different smaller agencies that do not communicate with one another very well and whose efforts are spread too thin to be effective. George Soros also feels that private entities should get involved and aid in offering safe passage for the refugees.

Forbes billionaire George Soros worked hard to make billions in the market. His financial prowess is undeniable. Although the billions that he is proposing that the world should put into the refugee issue seems to be a bit unrealistic. The chaos is caused because careful planning was not in place before it was needed. The refugees will have to put some effort into their own success just as Soros had to earlier in his life.