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Manhattan has seen its highest vacancies of all time at 2.87%. Rent in the area goes up all the time, and this is part of the reason why many have left the area or stopped coming to the area to rent or purchase homes. With the average rental rate being well over $3000 a month, it discourages some from renting in the area, even if they have the means to do so. Zero Hedge, which is an informational website, reported this information about Manhattan real estate, and the rise of vacancies can mean trouble for some real estate companies. Those who have the means to spend the kind of money it takes to live in the Manhattan area may be happy about these vacancies, especially since it gives them more places to choose from if they ultimately want to move to the Manhattan area.

Contrary to popular belief, New York City has houses as well as apartments and other types of homes. Most people feel that New York City only has high-rise buildings, and no houses can be found anywhere near New York City, but this information is completely untrue. Although New York City may have scarce resources when it comes to houses, there are some amazing houses available, and they can have some excellent features for those who are looking for luxury. Maybe a person doesn’t want a house with a lot of greenery in front of it, so they may choose an apartment in a high-rise building.

Those who want a high-rise building home are right to feel that way because of the fact that New York City luxury real estate offers some of the most amazing views in the world. Town Residential is an agency that specializes in finding people homes, especially in high-rise buildings. In fact, Town Residential is currently working with contractors who are building high-rise buildings that will soon be leased or sold to the public. All the units may be available now, but once the buildings are finished, they’ll start to fill up very quickly, especially since they’re so luxurious homes.

Those who are looking to get into some exclusive homes in New York City will need to work directly with Town Residential, which only takes a phone call to reach the company. Town Residential has over five years of experience in the New York City area, and the company is known to sell and lease some of the best real estate that New York City has to offer. It can be hard to find real estate on one’s own, so Town Residential can be the company to help anyone having a hard time looking for real estate.