Slyce Redefines Shopping While Working With Fortune 500 Company

Introducing Slyce

If you haven’t used it yet, then you should get with the times because Slyce is redefining the consumer visual search shopping experience for everyone involved. They make it easier and more convenient for people to find the things they want, and they make it much less complicated for all retailers involved in the Slyce shopping experience. We are in a new age of technological convenience, and Slyce is proof of this development in our world. If you need more proof, then read on about the Slyce experience and their new developments in business and technology. This information was first reported by Marketwire.

Shopping Convenience

Thanks to Slyce, the shopping experience is much easier. Slyce makes shopping fun, and they take the worry out of the whole experience. Consumers can simply take a picture of what they want to purchase, and they can do the whole exchange on the smart phone through Slyce. This is usually preferred to the awful experience of standing in line at the shopping mall. We are in a world of technological convenience, so we should take advantage of it.

Slyce has been making many changes to their system, operations and technology. They are easy to find on any smart phone and tablet, and they are easy to use. They now offer assistance from an actual person in customer care at Slyce to assist consumers on finding exactly what they are looking for in their shopping trip. They also just unveiled a new tool to help people find products that are similar to products that may be out of stock in the market. This also helps retailers because Slyce will offer similar products to consumers. Often times, these products perform the same purpose as the product that the consumer was searching for in Slyce, but they may be in a different style, color, etc.

The company is making huge waves in their market. The proof of this is in their new connections. They have recently connected with a Fortune 500 company that is expected to help increase their profits. After connected with this major toy company, Slyce expects to see their profits double while assisting the company in advertising their special sales on Slyce.