U. S. Money Reserve Reveals Campaign for Pearl Harbor Patriotic Statue

A campaign that will uncover a Bronze Lone Sailor Statue, the renowned reflection of the US Navy Memorial, is underway and will be positioned in Hawaii.
One of America’s most trusted sources of US government precious metals, the US Money Reserve according to an article on kusi.com, along with the U. S. Navy Memorial Foundation, have teamed up to make public vigorous support in recognition of men and women worldwide who willingly make themselves vulnerable to safeguard the freedom of others.

Acknowledging the 75th anniversary of the events of December 7, 1941, the Lone Sailor is the essence of values such as a mark of respect, admiration and dedication to duty. The statue is intended to motivate youth as well as honor past, present and future sea service men and women. The statue will be installed in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The bronze statue consists of the Lone Sailor who rises to 7 feet in height and weighs roughly 1000 pounds and his sea bag and cleat which weighs 700 pounds. The base of the statue will assimilate steel from the USS Arizona, the ship which has come to memorialize all military killed in the Pearl Harbor attack.

The US Money Reserve funded bronze statue is the creation of the non-profit, private educational foundation’s official sculptor, Stanley Bleifeld. His public monuments include four sculptures for the U. S. Navy Memorial.

The greater part of the statue’s funding results from earnings from the private distributors sales from its exclusive 75th Anniversary Lone Sailor Coins. The front of the coin features Bleifeld’s senior second class petty officer and his duffel while the reverse side marks the officer from behind.

The Pearl Harbor Coins operation will finish in about five years.

The story was published on Yahoo.