Claim Your Online Spot and Create Your Identity: Tips for Online Reputation Management

In the age of the Internet, even a single bad review can tarnish the reputation of a firm. Perhaps, it is logical to think that a lot of companies are lagging in maintaining their online reputation because they are not used to someone spoiling their reputation just by writing a simple negative review on a popular website. In fact, the ability to tackle online reviews demands a completely new “how to Brand Yourself strategy” compared to the traditional methods. To proactively manage online reputation, here are some useful tips that can help companies devise online reputation management strategy, if they haven’t done it.
Claim Your Business at Google, Yelp and Other Review Websites

Start by claiming your spot on various online platforms. For instance, your business may already have a web page at Yelp. In addition, people may be reviewing your services without your knowledge. Therefore, gather information on all potentially highly visited websites where visitors can post a review. After compiling the information, update your page or create a new page posting important information about your company.

Do not Ignore Social Media

Just like review websites and platforms, the impact of social media on online reputation management cannot be ignored. As such, it is equally important to make social profile on every prominent social media website and make someone in the higher management position responsible for responding to bad reviews.

Make Senior Manager or Vice President Responsible for Online Comments

Just like traditional reputation management strategies, someone at a higher level should be made responsible for safeguarding the image. Industry experts suggest that companies should have a single contact address on websites that allow public reviews. Most importantly, the email address should be directed to someone in the higher management who can review a negative response from the customer and respond accordingly.

Don’t Get Rattled by Negative Reviews

Even if you get a negative review, it should be taken as an opportunity to improve your services. Actually, negative reviews may help you in maintaining reliability as a website with 400 “only 5-star” reviews does not seem logical. Hence, managers should understand that it is practically impossible to maintain a 5-star rating. Instead, learning from negative reviews will likely increase the online reputation.