Securus Technologies Brings Digital Automaton to Prison Systems Saving Time and Money

Securus Technologies has been long known for its prison technology systems, but now the firm has created its most compelling offer, ConnectUs. This new automated technology allows prisons to automate the various forms they use to track inmate requests. Gone are the days when corrections officers would have to distribute paper forms and manually enter them into systems. Today, with this new technology from Securus Technologies, prison officials can add new forms and change forms in minutes. There is no distribution, no printing, no manual entry. What does all this mean?

The ConnectUs platform offers digital automation of any form the prison system needs. Corrections officers can now track digitally when requests are made, by whom, and what the status is at any given time. According to estimates, there are an average of 13.8 forms per month per inmate that now can all be done online. Not only does this streamline work for the prison system, but it allows for greater transparency into inmate requests. Securus Technologies is committed to driving innovation to enable the prison systems to work more efficiently and provide inmates with greater access to resources.

Securus Technologies has been in business since 1986 and continues to drive innovation into detainee communications, parolee tracking and government information systems in order to make inmate processing more efficient. With an exceptional rating by the Better Business Bureau and consistent release of new technologies, Securus Technologies is clearly the leader in this space.

FreedomPop Has A Cell Phone Plan For Everyone

Unlimited plans are the best because of the fact that they allow cell phone users to make unlimited phone calls, text messages, and use their data freely. Those who have been with AT&T and Verizon may not have been allowed to get unlimited cell phone plans, but according to an article on the Post Bulletin website, AT&T as well as Verizon is bringing back unlimited cell phone plans. Unlike their competitors, the cell phone plans from these companies will cost upwards of $100 or more each month for the plan. This is good news for AT&T and Verizon users, but those who use FreedomPop services only pay $20 per month for an unlimited plan.

Anyone who’s ever had to find places to make a phone call when they leave their home may be more than frustrated because it can be very annoying. Those who have chosen to save money by not buying a cell phone may be missing out entirely. Buying a cell phone can be very helpful, especially since they are very low in cost these days. It’s not unusual for cell phone companies to allow a person to have a phone free of charge, and they just have to pay for a cell phone plan. The cell phone plan may also be low in cost, and then the person is truly getting a good deal.

FreedomPop is a company that has free cell phone service, which is not something that a person will find with any other service provider out there. Other service providers will require that a person sign up for a lengthy plan, in order to get any kind of free service, and it’s still very likely that they’ll pay each month at the beginning of their service. Those who want unlimited minutes should consider FreedomPop’s unlimited plan.

FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone service plan is only $20 a month, and for $20 a person can talk as much as they want, text anyone they want, and use their data as freely as they want to. FreedomPop offers these services to anyone who signs up, and the unlimited plan also includes some international calling as well. Not all cell phone services can say that they allow their customers to call several places internationally under the same cell phone plan, without any extra charge. FreedomPop does offer free services as well, and those services are cell phone service, the Internet, Wi-Fi, and data for a hotspot. With all the services that FreedomPop offers, there’s no need to check with other service providers.