Lung Disease Patients Improve Under Stem Cell Therapy

The Nature Of Stem Cells

Stem cells are basically cells that can turn into any other kind of cell. Whenever the body needs to repair itself, it turns stem cells into the cells necessary for the damaged tissue to heal itself. That regenerative property of stem cells has attracted the attention of medical researchers. If doctors can find a way to harness the healing power of stem cells, a new age of regenerative medicine may lie ahead of us.

The Vision Of The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute researches and treats chronic lung diseases. Naturally, lung diseases can have a devastating impact on the lives of sufferers. Often, patients will find that they need to aid of an oxygen tank or inhaler just to live, and at times the symptoms of lung diseases can turn deadly. However, the Lung Institute believes stem cell therapy will give patients a chance to live their lives without the issues commonly presented by their conditions. The results of their stem cell therapy trials suggest this vision is nearly realized. Patients treated with the stem cell therapy report better function and fewer symptoms. A more detailed information on stem cell treatment available at

Testimonies Of Patients

The stories of the patients of stem cell therapy reveal an amazing difference in the lives they lived before and after stem cell therapy. Particularly, the story of pulmonary fibrosis patient John O. sums up the typical results of this treatment. For years, John was held back by his pulmonary fibrosis. He had a hard time walking up stairs and couldn’t lift heavy objects. This made it difficult for John to function on a daily basis, but stem cell therapy has greatly improved his condition. He is now able to do many of things he once thought impossible and no longer needs an oxygen tank.

The Future Ahead Of Us

These treatments provided by the Lung Institute signify a milestone in the world of medicine. Today we can treat chronic lung diseases with stem cells, but tomorrow other diseases will enter our cross-hairs. The potential of stem cell therapy is vast and these treatments are sending us on the right path.

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