What is a Smart Bulb?

Smart bulbs, like those made by Gooee, contain many different parts. Yet, each part is very important in giving light vastly improving the quality of your life.
The light in a gooee smart bulb is an LED light. They are safer than traditional incandescent bulbs reducing the risks of a hone fire. They are also more sturdy so they are not as likely to get broken. Finally, they use less electricity so you save on your energy bill. Smart bulbs contain various colors of lights allowing you to change the color of lighting in a room.
Each bulb also contains a fingernail size communication device. This small device allows the bulb to communicate with other smart items in your home. This device also allows you to control the lights with your smartphone or watch from any place in the world.
Additionally, each bulb contains a dome that helps to spread the light through the room and a heat sink that dissipates the heat so that the bulb can continue to work.
When all the parts work together, you end up with a light that connects to the smart system in your home that allows you to enjoy so many more choices than traditional bulbs.