Fabletics Athletic Apparel

Since it was first founded in 2013 Fabletics has been one of the top athletic apparel companies in the industry. They offer a full line of convenient and high-quality workout gear. Each piece of Fabletics wear is both convenient as well as comfortable. Fabletics is very simple to use and offers a ton of great products.


How To Use Fabletics


Fabletics is very easy to start using. You simply visit their website and begin by filling out a very short list of questions. These questions are used to determine the style of clothing you like as well as the style of exercise that you like. This will help Fabletic designers to choose the best options for your personal taste. After filling out the short list of questions the style experts will begin custom making your box immediately.


Once a month the Fabletics Box will be shipped straight to your door. Each box offers two to three key pieces of workout gear. Users can receive leggings, bras, tank tops and even shorts. Fabletics offers a full line for winter as well as summer. They are constantly adding and improving on their quality and products. If users decide to skip or cancel a month they can simply do so by visiting the Fabletics website before the 5th of the month. Canceling is very easy and convenient. Each month if users do not cancel they will receive a new box filled with two to three new products.


Fabletics is very simple to use and offers a large range of products. The leggings as well as the tank tops, yoga pants, and bras come in a variety of colors and patterns as well as a variety of styles. Top sites such as Krazy Coupon Lady offer great reviews on the adorable convenient clothes Fabletics has to offer. They offer great convenient service at very affordable pricing. Recently in 2015 Fabletics also begin offering a men’s line of work out gear and apparel. Now women and men all over the world can have affordable and stylish workout clothes shipped straight to their home every month.

Using Fabletics Fashion To One’s Favor

When it comes to looking for fashion, one of the most important things is to find a good store that is always going to offer the types of clothes that one wants. One thing that a customer can do is look for the type of company that has wise business practices to go along with the types of clothes that they offer. This is where Fabletics shines the most. For one thing, it gets the most sales from its customers because of its willingness to reach out to people. Fabletics uses what is known as the reverse showroom technique. This increases the percentage of sales that it gets.


One good thing with Fabletics is that it gets its customers from networking with them as well as advertising. They are also running tons of promotions that will get customers wanting to join up and buy some products. Also, the members of the sites will visit the stores when they open up near them. Fabletics is also willing to award its members with discounts and free items so that they will be able to enjoy high fashion at lower affordable prices. People walk away with a little bit of money left over after buying high quality products.


This is another factor for Fabletics. After all, people shop at stores primarily for the products that are offered to them by the store. Fabletics offers products that are not found in any other store. The customers are therefore really intrigued with what they can find. As a result, they discover new styles and find themselves having fun coming up with some new looks that they could like. This is where Fabletics shines the most. Customers have a much greater opportunity to look as good as they want. They will always be satisfied with their purchases.


Given the success of the company, Fabletics is getting ready to take on Amazon in the fashion department. More people are paying attention to what Fabletics is offering, and they are finding that they are more intrigued with the fashion retailer that they wind up making the switch from the other retailer. Customers have the opportunity to choose many new cuts of clothing that complement their figures well. To make things better, these products are well made so that they will last a long time. The type of fabric they are made from make them more durable and long lasting.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics | The hottest thing in the lazy gal category

It would be a rare occasion to read Marie Claire Magazine and not know who Kate Hudson is. She’s more than just another pretty blond celebrity, she’s the designer of the athleisure fashion style.

What’s that you say? It’s what Kate is a total advocate of. It’s the LBD or little black dress escape is. According to the article in Marie Claire, it’s a way to not get trapped in the LBD all night or have to wear those leggings or tights that you haven’t yet washed. According to the article, it’s a lazy girl’s idea of heaven.

Marie Claire Interview with Kate Hudson

One of the most interesting questions that was asked of Katie was can you wear the Fabletics gear on date night? The answer wasn’t simply yes but heck yeah! This is one of the most comfortable and sexy athletic casual gear made today. It’s multi functional and interchangeable.

The next most fascinating question asked was whether or not you could do athletics or exercise in them. You can! According to the article, Kate stated that you would probably not want to hike in these clothes but to do lite exercise or the gym–sure why not?

The Fabletic line is built with bras built into most of the gear. It’s so easy and travelable. All you have to do is throw em in a bag and there’s your wardrobe for a trip too! Don’t want to pack a load of underwear? Great! In Kate’s own words, ” No Spanx needed” and for most of the styles, no bra really needed either.

Swim Suites

The swim suite collection is a great little collection. It’s still sexy and at the same time utilitarian bathing suites. They are built for athletics as well but yet they are a hot number. So, you get a lot of durability and style at the same time.

Kate’s Ideal Customer

What you get from the article is the fact that the line is targeted to what Kate likes to call the lazy gal. Justfab reported that this is a term of endearment that is a great way to market her product line to those spunky girls that are into and comfortable just being them. They are casual gals and somewhat athletic. They are also sexy and feminine but not girlie feminine. They spend a moderate amount of money on quality fashion products acording to what is on the Facebook page.