Beneful: Allowing Your Dog to Eat Better Than You

Those with pets understand the need to provide them with adequate nutrition that also tastes pretty good. That is correct: Dogs can taste, and they prefer rich flavors heavy in sufficient sodium. With all of this in mind, you might be contemplating just what you have been feeding your dogs over the years. Well, if it has been anything but Beneful, your pooch has been missing out. Do not worry; Beneful is constantly available in a wide variety of stores like Walmart across the country, and each product is more tasty for your companion than the next. It is also available online, via Of the most popular flavors include:
Chopped Blends

Every serving is packed with a meat (beef, chicken, or fish), carrots, peas, and wild rice. This wet dog food is perfect for supplying nutrition and hydration. It looks amazing, too! See,

Romana Style Medley

Try not to be jealous that your dog is traveling to Italy before you…well, tastefully speaking. This wet food blend is a hearty meal full of chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach. Mangia!

Simmered Beef Stew

Most humans need to spend all day crafting a rich stew for when they get in from work; your dog just needs you to peel back a lid to get the same irresistible flavors. Carrots, spinach, wild rice, barley, and beef complete this robust stew.

Roasted Turkey Medley

How does roast turkey, corn, peas, barley, and wild rice sound? Mouthwatering, right? Your pooch seems to think so–do not forget to pick them up some on your next shopping trip!

Each of Beneful‘s products provides your canine with their daily nutrition. Of course, all of their products were carefully crafted with your dog’s needs in mind, including dogs with medical needs. Puppies can also reap the benefits of these products.

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The Bountiful Feasts of Beneful by Purina

Many dog lovers see their dogs as a member of the family, so they provide their loyal companions with high-quality food, proper training and play, and lots of hugs.
Beneful from Purina is a highly recommended part of Purina’s kennel of foods for dogs. They come in three general types – dry food, wet food, or treats.

Dry Dog Food
Beneful makes their ORIGINALS line with beef, chicken, or salmon – flavors that many dogs go nuts for. There’s also the HEALTHY WEIGHT line (with chicken) for dogs whose owners want their loving companions to maintain a lean, fit body. A third one, HEALTHY PUPPY, was created for puppies, and it helps develop the brain and body of a growing puppy. Finally, for small dogs, there’s the INCREDIBITES line, small morsels with bits of real beef or chicken with nutrients all healthy dogs need. And taste that all dogs run in circles for! It is a best selling brand on Amazon.

Wet Dog Food []
Beneful’s CHOPPED BLENDS line has tons of choices that your dog will worship you for. Give your loving pooch a combination of chicken, peas, carrots, and wild rice. Or maybe a dish with salmon or turkey instead. Maybe your dog would love to devour sweet potatoes or tomatoes in their finely chopped meals. There’s also a ROASTED medley with beef or turkey or different types of STEW, such as lamb or chicken. Whatever you choose, your dog will love the savory smells and tastes – and make it disappear in seconds.

Dog Treats []
The HEALTHY SMILE line includes treats that reduce plaque or tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth, help maintain its strong teeth or bones, and give your dog minty fresh breath. The DENTAL RIDGES or DENTAL TWISTS are long, thin hard teeth-scraping treats while the BAKED DELIGHTS line comes in various shapes, such as stars or hearts, and different flavors like peanut butter, apple and bacon, or meats and cheese. Yes, peanut butter and bacon. Each of these treats come in sizes suitable for mini dogs, small or medium dogs, and large ones. These products are available on Wal-Mart.

Beneful Offers Up Premium Blends

There’s been a lot of progress in the recent years in terms of facility upgrades for the companies that make premium dog foods. These companies are taste testing their foods, and they have been increasing their standards for production, so your dog is getting the right nutrients that it needs to stay strong and lead an active life. If you are choosing to feed your dog a proper diet by purchasing only premium dog foods from brands that you can trust, then you are a responsible pet owners, and you will likely have your dog by your side for a long time to come. If you are interested, I’ll include the twitter url or link to my favorite article about premium dog food manufacturers at the end of this post.
What Are You Feeding Your Dog These Days?
I don’t know about your dog because every dog is different, but my dog is a picky eater. I haven’t seen it in any other dog I’ve owned in my life. She’s a middle aged small breed dog that doesn’t always have the best appetite, so I do my best to change the taste of the foods that I feed her on a regular basis. I feed her Beneful Chopped Blends, and ever since I started buying that premium brand she has had a better appetite. I switch up the flavor of Chopped Blends that I purchase for her quite frequently, so she never gets tired of the tastes she is getting fed.
Purina Beneful has a whopping 20 flavors of Chopped Blends to offer, so you know there are many choices to choose from. My little puppy loves to eat the chicken kind, and it’s made with REAL, high quality ingredients, like pieces of actual chicken and vegetables. She has enjoyed every kind of Chopped Blends that I have offered to her, but it would seem that she enjoys the kind with real chicken most. If you’d like to read that article I was referring to, it’s from the Daily Herald, and you can look at it by going here: