EOS: The Product That Sold Itself

There are constant innovations happening in beauty and personal care, but most of these brands do not achieve success at the level that EOS lip balm has seen the past couple of years. The founders of EOS as men, were really able to listen to what women wanted in the market and because of their listening and understanding, were able to create a product that was such a huge success.

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra asked women what they really and truly wanted out of a lip balm. They wanted ease of use, but not a tube. No sticky fingers after applying a balm. Something they could incorporate into their beauty regimen. The tendency toward natural and organic products and beautiful packaging as trends in the beauty market combined with their knowledge of what women wanted from a balm transformed into EOS lip balms, the spherical, and colorful pods that twist open to reveal a delicately scented and flavored all natural lip balm. The balm that conforms to the shape of the mouth for easy application and then twists and closes with a soft click, ready to throw in the purse or leave on a nightstand as a modern item of beauty.

According to the evolutionofsmooth website, the product without a doubt sold itself, and there was no need for endless marketing. Rather, what was needed was a way to meet demand. Sanjiv and Teller invested time and money into custom machinery that could whip up their products at large volume to supply sellers like Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. They were able to create custom flavors and colors without relying on outside manufacturers. This success has enabled them to expand into lotions and shaving creams and no doubt into future popular beauty and personal care items looking into the future.

For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/.

Thor Halvorssen and His Willingness to Fight for Human Rights

There are certain activities that take a lot of energy and passion. The fight for human rights is one of these activities. Fortunately, Thor Halvorssen is someone who has it all. He is not only very passionate about bringing about greater human rights for people in oppressed countries, but he is also wise in what he does. He knows that it is better to take the time to gather information about the different aspects of oppression and human rights violations. Among the different pieces of information that he is interested in gathering is information on the oppressor. This is very important for going towards his goals.

While other activists are rather low in energy and rather unkempt in appearance at times, Thor Halvorssen makes it a point to keep himself clean and ready to move forward with his campaign. One thing he does not want to do is be insulting to others. He is instead willing to meet with others in order to get them involved in the fight for human rights. This is something that is going to take a lot of courage and bravery. At the same time, it is worth it so that other countries become more free places to live for people.

One thing that Thor stresses is that he loves people. He doesn’t allow the horrors that he sees and experience to take away his love for people. As a matter of fact, it would be hard to fight for humanity if one does not love people. This is one of the reasons that Thor Halvorssen makes sure that he has a positive mindset when moving forward with his campaign. He has attracted the help of many other people such as Christian Bale for bringing forth his goals for human equality. While more people are joining the fight, there is a long road ahead.