Securus Is Providing New Ways for Inmates to Communicate is a leading communications website that helps connect prison inmates with the people that care about them most. The service that Securus offers are state of the art and put an interesting spin on how people can be granted visitation rights, right from their home. The company has made a huge investment of $600,000,000 into funding the cloud based program that helps people stay in contact with one another in the event one party becomes incarcerated.
The website PR is a useful guide for people who aren’t sure how to best go about communicating with a friend or family member if they’re jailed for a long period on time. The concept of jail visitations has evolved and the site explains how visitations can now be done through the Securus application which is downloaded to smartphones and mobile devices. The device allows the party that is not incarcerated to schedule specific times that video conferencing with an inmate can be scheduled. The PR Newswire site also provides information on which jails and prison facilities throughout the United States are participating in the communication programs that Securus is offering. Through the program people are also able to send inmates emails and conference with inmates through phone call conversations.

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Tasty Beneful Dog Foods Your Pet Will Love

Beneful is one of the biggest dog food brands in the world. It is made by Nestle Purina Petcare. This particular line has wet dog food, dry dog food and various dog treats. Nearly $2 billion of items under the Beneful name are bought by dog owners every year. This is a testament to the quality of the dog food they produce. Nestle Purina makes a large percentage of their annual profits from Beneful products. One of the reasons it has become so successful over the past 15 years if the fact that Beneful is promoted as a healthy food choice for your pet. Here are some examples of the various items that have enabled Beneful to become so popular in many countries.
1. Beneful Tuscan Style Medley

This particular dog food will help to ensure that the digestive system of your canine is able to operate more efficiently. This food is sliced into very fine bits which will make it easier for your dog to chew and pass through its system. This food should be fed to smaller dogs. A sauce is used along with carrots, spinach, beef and rice.

2. Beneful Original Adult Formula

Ingredients that are healthy are used to make this food. It helps to give your canine friend a balanced diet. Grains, beef and veggies are the primary ingredients that are found in this food.

3. Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food

This is an ideal food if you are trying to increase the amount of protein that is consumed by your dog. One of the primary ingredients that this food contains is real beef. Your dog will also receive an adequate supply of calcium as a result of the yogurt that is in this food. This will increase the strength of your dog’s bones.

4. Beneful Dental Dog Treats

This is a good treat to deal with plaque and tartar that has built up on the teeth of your pooch. You should never neglect your dog’s oral hygiene.

5. Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley

A tasty sauce is used in combination with lamb, spinach, tomatoes and brown rice to create a delicious meal.



Why White Shark Media Is The Entrepreneur’s Choice

Starting a business probably seemed like such a great idea. You have so much unique content that you can contribute to an industry. Perhaps after laboring for years for a company in your industry, you learned all of the intricacies. You know how this industry works, who the competitors on are and what sort of demands the customers make. However, you did not know that marketing your company would be such a stressful activity. On some days, it probably seems as though you spent most of the day marketing with only a few sales to show for all of your effort. Entrepreneurs who want to focus their attention on the aspects of business that matter will pass the reigns to White Shark Media.
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White Shark Media values their Clients and their Employees

Years of Experience
When you try to find a company to provide any service, one of the first questions that you begin to ask is what their qualifications are. Who are these people? Why should you entrust them with your resources? As you consider White Shark Media, these questions are probably going through your mind. Throughout the years, White Shark Media Complaints has established themselves as experts in the industry and as people who provide excellent quality. They are comprised of employees who holds accredited degrees in marketing and especially digital marketing (which is precisely what you need).

They Listen
White Shark Media Complaints experts often think that they know everything. They are never willing to take a word of criticism. Any time you provide any input, they will tell you that this is their policy or their operating procedure. But it is your project. You should be able to have a voice in your project. Many companies are not willing to listen to the complaints or criticisms that their customers have. White Shark Media is. They listen to what their clients have to say and adapt their company to ensure quality customer service.

Great Reputation
If you were going to see a mechanic, you would probably want to know what other people have to say about this individual before allowing him to do a lot of work on your vehicle. If he has a reputation for overcharging, then you will take your vehicle elsewhere. If he has a reputation for honesty and fair assessments, then he will be a good candidate. White Shark Media Review has a great reputation among their clients. Many people recommend them.

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Why Fabletics Is The New Athletic Leisure Wear

The latest movement in fashion is to sign up for a monthly delivery of clothes that the wearer’s hand-pick. This service helps those busy shoppers that might not have the time to go shopping in a retail store. Athleisure is a trend that has mixed the breathable comfort of athletic clothing with the style of leisure clothing and Fabletics has it all.

Fabletics is the latest company in the monthly mail order clothing business. Co-owned by Kate Hudson, Fabletics was started in 2013 as strictly an exercise clothing line and has since branched out into comfortable, active leisure wear that can be worn almost anytime. As a VIP subscriber, customers can pick and choose what clothing they love out of a wide variety of items, and the outfit will be mailed to the customers home for a flat monthly fee of $49.00.
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The cost is half of what would be charged for the outfit in a retail store and the customer can skip a month or months if they chose by hitting the “skip month” button on their screen before the fifth of every month to ensure they are not charged. Customers can also cancel the service at any time. Fabletics has many great items to choose from in a variety of sizes and colors sure to compliment any style.

Athleisure wear has become real popular as peoples lives have become busier. This division of fashion has become so much more than yoga pants. Athleisure is breathable, fun fashion in styles that are crisp and comfortable without looking like baggy sweats. These outfits can be worn almost anywhere for a variety of events, including the gym.

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Where Does Venezuelan Energy Crisis Come From?

There are more and more news courtesy of El Venezolano about energy crisis in Venezuela. Many businesses as well as government offices shut down for much of the week, while the country’s residents face daily blackouts.

Many are surprised. After all, this South American country has lots of oil. Sure, economic mismanagement by its incompetent and freely spending Socialist leaders has led to that. But, there’s more to it: Venezuela made a wrong bet in the past.

In an interesting Wired Magazine article, a good point is made. Venezuela has relied too much on renewable energy. The country actually ended up relying on a single dam for much of its electricity. Now, due to a drought, the reservoir is at record-low levels.

“We should rely on renewable energy rather than just fossil fuels” says Osio. But, the sources of energy need to be diversified. When a big country like Venezuela relies so much on a single source, the problems are bound to happen, sooner or later.