Refugees Bringing Confusion To World Populations

Refugees are becoming a huge issue in the European States. These individuals are hitting a panicked level which is causing confusion, frustration, and resentment with the refugee population being the main victim in the chaos. As these refugees are moved into various countries, those countries are not taking into consideration the needs of the people that they are accepting into their borders.
What this whole situation needs is a concrete plan as to how to not only deal with the refugee population but also the needs of the countries and peoples that take them in. One thing according to that must be considered is saturation points. This is how many refugees each country can take in before law and order dissappear and chaos ensues.

It would be far better, in George Soros opinion to keep these people closer to their point of origin. Having to relocate these individuals far from their home countries is what is stretching the European Union far beyond their capacity to cope with them. If the refugees were spread more evenly throughout Europe with a more balanced responsibility spread across many venues, the confusion could be dealt with better.

Soros of the Open Society Fondations is a refugee from Hungary. He and his family fled that region in the grips of Nazi occupation. They went to England where he was able to rise above his circumstances and get a valid education that took hinm to New York City and eventually brought him billions.

Soros believes that a global response is the best option. This would involve the UN and all of its members in order to find the best resolution to what appears to be an ongoing issue. It is not just the Syrian population either. There are many refugees from other ravaged areas that need attention and care as well.

A pinnacle part of the plan that Soros proposes is to ask where refugees want to go and make sure that the area wants to take them in. If both the receiving country and the refugee are desired one by the other, the transition will be an easier one that will cause less confusion.

Soros also believes that for the first two years of being in their new country the refugees should be provided with support from the UN. This support should be to the tune of approximately $16,800.00 per year. This would be for housing, food, clothing and other essential needs.

The European Union also needs to collaborate their efforts into one central agency. The present system has more than 28 different smaller agencies that do not communicate with one another very well and whose efforts are spread too thin to be effective. George Soros also feels that private entities should get involved and aid in offering safe passage for the refugees.

Forbes billionaire George Soros worked hard to make billions in the market. His financial prowess is undeniable. Although the billions that he is proposing that the world should put into the refugee issue seems to be a bit unrealistic. The chaos is caused because careful planning was not in place before it was needed. The refugees will have to put some effort into their own success just as Soros had to earlier in his life.

Research Is The Best Hope For Eradicating The Zika Virus


According to a report published on R7 Noticias, Dr. Sergio Cortes said the Aedes mosquito can spread the Zika and chikungunya viruses. When it bites an infected individual, it transmits the disease to another individual when it bites them. People should be concerned that they may have the viruses if they see red spots on their skin, eye irritation, body pain and muscle aches.

As more individuals become infected with the Zika and chikungunya viruses, it is critical to understand the difference between each disease. The main symptoms is a pain in the eyes. Bruno Del Guerra, a nurse with the Epidemiological Surveillance Itapetininga in São Paulo, indicates the Zika virus is associated with vision pain while the Chikungunya virus is associated with extreme pain in the joints.

Microcephaly is a rare birth defect that happens when the brain is undeveloped in the women’s uterus during her pregnancy. Pregnant women infected with the Zika disease are likely to give birth to infants with defects. While information continues to be evaluated, it is becoming more clear of the impact the disease has on pregnant women. Doctors are investigating the possibility of an individual being infected with both viruses at the same time.

There is no vaccine or specific therapy for the Zika virus. According to Sergio Cortes, testing and research continue to fight the viruses. The best approach to combating the viruses is an intravenous therapy or oral medication offered at local medical. Facilities. Infected individuals should rest for at least five days to regain their strength. Ongoing research at the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo has attempted to find an antidote against the viruses. The research, in an advanced state, is expected to be manufactured in mass quantities for further testing. It is hoped the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approves the medication to start the last phase of testing.

The 17,000 participants in the research study will be observed and reactions noted. Cortes contends the vaccine has an 80% success rate against curing the virus. There is much anticipation for the final test phase, which has no official start date. Researchers say prevention is the best plan for the outbreak of the viruses.

More information on Sergio Cortes can be found on his Linkedin, Facebook, & Twitter social media sites.

Women are Discovering Success as Entrepreneurs at QNET

Women are proving to the world their abilities to become successful entrepreneurs as independent representatives at QNET, one of largest international direct sales companies. QNET helps empower females by offering opportunities to work independently and make differences in their communities. International Women’s Day in February 2016 was a special event for women working with the direct selling company. Successful women in the industry celebrated the special day and encouraged other young females to become independent reps and followers. QNET helps to enrich these women and make a difference in their lives for financial stability.

#RYTHM #QNET ❤️❤️❤️

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World societies are in need of women leaders, which can only be accomplished by providing quality education, technology, and heath care services. Women should have equal rights to become leaders and entrepreneurs in their environment. QNET is making it possible by empowering and encouraging females to pursue their dreams and join the dynamic team. The advantages of becoming a QNET independent representative are flexible work schedules and the ability to generate desired revenue. In parts of the world, women are the primary providers of their homes, financially, emotionally and caringly.

QNET was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and since then, expanded to the Middle East, India, and Turkey. There are locations in Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. QNET markets personal care, nutritional, weight management, luxury, and fashion accessory products.

QNET India is one of the largest branches and has become the main hub for the company’s distribution center. The company uses a multi-level marketing model designed to promote its products with the help of independent representatives. The Asian company is considered as the best company to work for in the continent.

CHIEF & Regional V Partners in our Bangkok office, checking out what we have in store FOR YOU in #VCON16. Expect to be completely blown away. 😉

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Helane Morrison Wall Street Watchdog

When wall street crashed in 2009 almost every American came to understand and realize that the bankers and alleged financial experts that had monitored and controlled the nation’s wealth were about as far removed from reality as you could get. It became apparent that day that we had all been had by these supposed financial experts. It was also the year that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. With the campaign slogans of “Change We Can Believe In” and “Yes We Can” he was swept into office at a time when the people of America really needed a strong leader that had the ability and the power to pull the United States back from the brink of all but total economic collapse. While it could be argued that the political solutions he put into place to repair the problems we faced were not entirely effective it can nevertheless not be said that they didn’t work. They did stop the country’s collapse. However, even nine years after the fact, a majority of Americans still have little or no faith in Wall Street or they few mega banks that are still in business. The general feeling is that they are all as crooked as a dogs hind leg. And this pervasive feeling in 2008 is what greeted Helane Morrison as her journalism classes started in New York City. When she was younger one of the things that motivated her was a sense honesty and fair play. This was, of course, nothing like what the Wall street crowd displayed when the crash came and it may have been this that pushed her after she graduated from journalism school to travel to California to attend the University of Berkeley School of Law to get her Juris Doctor of law degree there. After graduating and passing the bar she gained further experience working with Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun a champion of not only women’s rights but of abortion laws and sexual behavior. Her experience with Justice Blackmun had a resounding impact on Morrison’s future tenacity and sense of fair play that would frame her entire career. 

In addition to a stellar legal career that has surpassed her wildest expectations, Ms. Morrison has also gained experience fighting financial, bank, and stock fraud by policing the Securities and Exchange Commission‘s San Francisco Office. While there she headed several major fraud cases including those involving the top executives of Google, Hewlett-Packard, and NextCard Inc. She also exposed the deceptive sales of securities to military personnel by the insurance company American Amicable (WSJ reports). She has also been involved in protecting seniors against securities fraud and market manipulation. Where ever there has been a financial scandal and unrest we have needed someone with the tenacity and principals of a watchdog to be there to help protect the unwary investor and in many cases that person has been Helane Morrison.

Learn more about her background by visiting Helane’s Crunchbase page.

U. S. Money Reserve Reveals Campaign for Pearl Harbor Patriotic Statue

A campaign that will uncover a Bronze Lone Sailor Statue, the renowned reflection of the US Navy Memorial, is underway and will be positioned in Hawaii.
One of America’s most trusted sources of US government precious metals, the US Money Reserve according to an article on, along with the U. S. Navy Memorial Foundation, have teamed up to make public vigorous support in recognition of men and women worldwide who willingly make themselves vulnerable to safeguard the freedom of others.

Acknowledging the 75th anniversary of the events of December 7, 1941, the Lone Sailor is the essence of values such as a mark of respect, admiration and dedication to duty. The statue is intended to motivate youth as well as honor past, present and future sea service men and women. The statue will be installed in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The bronze statue consists of the Lone Sailor who rises to 7 feet in height and weighs roughly 1000 pounds and his sea bag and cleat which weighs 700 pounds. The base of the statue will assimilate steel from the USS Arizona, the ship which has come to memorialize all military killed in the Pearl Harbor attack.

The US Money Reserve funded bronze statue is the creation of the non-profit, private educational foundation’s official sculptor, Stanley Bleifeld. His public monuments include four sculptures for the U. S. Navy Memorial.

The greater part of the statue’s funding results from earnings from the private distributors sales from its exclusive 75th Anniversary Lone Sailor Coins. The front of the coin features Bleifeld’s senior second class petty officer and his duffel while the reverse side marks the officer from behind.

The Pearl Harbor Coins operation will finish in about five years.

The story was published on Yahoo.

Why Soros Donates

George Soros might be one of the most well-known names when it comes to philanthropy. After fleeing communist Hungary in 1947, he attended the London School of Economics. After graduation, he found himself in the United States of America. In 1979, he began to provide money to those in apartheid South Africa who wished to attend Cape Town University. His active philanthropist lifestyle started with that simple act, and has grown to the point where he is one of the biggest contributors to American political campaigns.
With the 2016 political campaigns running in full swing, the presidential candidates are strong and many. Noteworthy candidates – for one reason or another – include Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Soros has made where his political alliances lie quite clear this year.

He donated $6 million to a PAC that supports presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton at the end of 2015. In total, Forbes billionaire  Soros donated $8 million to Clinton’s funds for the presidential race. All of the money went to Priorities USA Action. The donation meant that for 2015, the PAC raised $41 million, and had $36 million to start off with in 2016.

This donation is quite a shocker. In 2004, he donated over $20 million to support George W. Bush. When that effort ended in a disastrous failure, he dialed back how much he gave to political people by a considerable amount. In 2012, Priorities USA Action received only $1 million from Soros in support of Obama instead of Clinton. Later on, he was heard telling an ally – who supported Clinton in the 2008 presidential race – that he regretted supporting Obama over Clinton. He even praised Clinton for allowing him to discuss policy with her. Emails released in December 2015 confirm at least this much.

As the 2016 presidential election race comes into full swing, Soros’ donation is sure to be taken as a green light for other philanthropists to donate to Priorities USA Action. The gateways for over $1 billion more in donations has been opened, but only time will tell if that flood will come.